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RemoteManagement - Automate your day
Join Soft Solutions Sales Specialist, Tyron Warren, as he takes you through the RemoteManagement Automation Manager, the new user interface that allows for the drag-and-drop creation of Script Checks. This makes it easier for those without coding knowledge to leverage the flexibility and versatility of this feature and reduce their overall workload by automating monotonous processes. This will be held on Thursday October 6th from 9 to 9:30am. Click here to register, or contact the LOGICnow team today for more information.

StorageCraft Update in Christchurch
Following the recent release of VirtualBoot for vSphere, Soft Solutions and StorageCraft would like to provide an opportunity for you to see this in action as well as get an update on all that is new with StorageCraft and ShadowProtect. Please join us for a 10:00am start on Thursday the 6th of October at Rydges Latimer. Presentation will conclude at approximately 11:30am. Click here to register now.

Webinar: How to Keep Ransomware out of Office 365
Are you moving to Office 365 or already using it and looking at the best way to secure your email and file-sharing tasks? Get some guidance on how to enhance Office 365's built-in security to better protect your business against ransomware and cyberattacks. Join Chris Taylor (Trend Micro's, Director of Global Product Marketing) to learn how to enhance Office 365 Built-in Security. This will be held on Thursday October 6th 2016 at 12:30pm, click here to register today.

VoIP Seminar Series - Christchurch
Following on from our recent VoIP seminars in the North Island we are pleased to announce we are continuing our VoIP Seminar series in Christchurch in October. We don't want to bore you with copious amounts of sales slides - instead we want to show you real phone systems, real products, kit on display and how they all tie in together to form lucrative, exciting and cutting edge new revenue streams for you. It is the perfect seminar to attend if you are planning to get into selling VoIP, are already selling VoIP systems and just want a refresher or if you just want to stay knowledgeable about what else is out there. Presenting on the day is Matt Carey - who is our VoIP Technical Specialist. This event will be held on Wednesday 12th October from 9:00am to 11:00am at the Trenches Boardroom (RSA Christchurch). Seats are strictly limited, click here to register today.

Daily News
What our vendors have been pushing out to Twitter. Click here

Infrazone first NZ service provider to be ME ServiceDesk Certified
With an emphasis on building on the already rock solid foundation provided by ManageEngine's ServiceDesk Plus platform, Infrazone have become the first service provider outside of Soft Solutions own ManageEngine team to obtain certification in the solution. In their own words "Infrazone's investment in ServiceDesk plus reflects the growth in client demand for customer centric services. It also reflects growth in the popularity of ManageEngine products in New Zealand". Soft Solutions are able to provide training and implementation services for the ManageEngine product range. If you are interested in learning more about Infrazone's story, click here. If you would like to learn more about the ManageEngine training and services, contact us today, or reach out to learn more about how the ManageEngine products can benefit you.

Operator 2.5 Improves Audio & Video Calling
Kerio Operator is a full featured VoIP business phone system specifically designed for small to medium sized businesses. It handles call queues, conference calling, voicemail, video calling, advanced call handling and routing. Kerio have released Operator 2.5 which enhances the VoIP solution with a new softphone application, improved call quality and integration with MyKerio. The Kerio Operator Softphone for Windows, Mac and Linux, lets users initiate video calls, manage voicemail messages, forward calls and more. The new release also adds auto provisioning support for Ubiquiti UniFi phones, which also extends the number of Grandstream and Snom models supported. Kerio Operator is available as a Cloud-based voice service, hardware, software or virtual appliance. A free 30-day trial is also available, click here for details. If you would like pricing or further information, please contact our sales team today.

Enhanced Security Protects Personal Data & Files
Trend Micro have a comprehensive security solution that defends users against well-known dangers, but also looks at the risks of new attacks, including ransomware, identity theft, malicious threats and a variety of new malware. The latest 2017 version of Trend Micro Security provides an added layer of protection for the important files, with its robust security features that block ransomware threats on compromised websites, hidden in spam emails and malware. Trend Micro's new Folder Shield feature prevents ransomware from encrypting irreplaceable PC files. Mobile Security for Android (included in Premium & Maximum Security only), delivers 99.9 percent of malicious app detection, protecting from ransomware. New defences include being notified when connecting to an unsecured network & the ability to scan apps for vulnerabilities. For more information or pricing, contact our sales team today.

Aquatic Drone Cleans Waterways
An aquatic drone has been invented that will act like a vacuum cleaner for the sea, by sweeping up dust and clean up water with a build-up of waste. It comes in two different sizes with an assortment of smart sensors, which can intelligently search waterways while munching on more than 400 pounds of trash. This is called the WasteShark and is a project aimed to create a device capable of keeping the water clean 24/7, regardless of the weather. The drone can learn its physical environment, by learning which areas are the trouble spots with bigger build-up of trash. Users can specify geo-fenced areas which the robot will stick to. At the moment this technology is under contract, but after next year it will be rolled out worldwide. Click here to see a quick video.

StorageCraft Backup & Recovery Academic Bundle
Data protection can be a challenge for academic institutions of all sizes, with a constant change of IT environments and a mix of virtual or physical machines running on a network. StorageCraft have announced a new StorageCraft bundle to help secure their systems. The bundle will include a license for 100 virtual machines and a license for 10 physical servers including a year of maintenance which includes software updates and technical support. The pricing of the bundle is valid from the 6th of September to 31st December 2016. For more information and pricing, contact our sales team today.

Bluebeam Revu eXtreme 2016 Upgrade Promotion
There has never been a better time for Bluebeam Revu customers to upgrade to the latest 2016 version. From now until 28th November 2016, Bluebeam are offering customers with any existing version or edition of Revu the opportunity to upgrade their current licenses to Revu eXtreme 2016 at the pricing of a Standard edition upgrade. In some cases, this is a saving of 37%. Revu eXtreme 2016 is the most feature rich of Bluebeam's Revu family. With functionality such as OCR+ to transform scanned PDFs; even those with skewed or vertical text, into text-searchable and selectable files, PDF form creation, being able to Redact (remove) content permanently from a PDF, Batch process hyperlinks for large document sets and more. Contact us today with details of your customers existing Bluebeam licenses and we'll provide a quote at this special pricing. Optional Maintenance & Support is also available at time of purchase.

Customer Webinars with Rewards
Now you can book a Webinar that will be conducted by a Nuance specialised PDF staff member for you and your client - it's a short 15-minute introduction to Power PDF ending with a quick Q&A and providing trial download information. BUT it gets better - for all potential deals of 26+ seats where a webinar is conducted before 30th September 2016, Nuance will send you a pre-loaded $200 Prezzy Card. The more webinars you conduct, the more Prezzy Cards you'll earn - it's that simple. This allows you the opportunity to introduce your customers to the functionality of Nuance's Power PDF Advanced, create happy customers and reward yourself as well.

StorageCraft Amnesty Program
If you currently have expired maintenance, this could be your lucky day. For a limited time StorageCraft is offering a new program for customers that have lapsed maintenance to bring them back on board without back dating. The amnesty applies to all customer's whose maintenance lapsed/expired from January 2015 to the current date. The Amnesty program will run from 1st September to 31st December 2016 and excludes the ShadowProtect IT and ShadowProtect 4 version upgrade only editions. For more information, contact our sales team today.

Renew GFI for 2yrs to get the 3rd year free & GFI Prime
Software maintenance can be essential, especially if you want to keep software up to date, provide complete support protection and have access to new features, updates or fixes. That's why GFI are providing a limited time offer for all existing GFI customers that have maintenance expiring between 1st August to 30th November 2016. Customer's can purchase a GFI 2-year maintenance renewal and they will get the 3rd year for free. This offer is valid until 30th September 2016 only. Get in touch with our sales team today for a quote. GFI have also introduced a loyalty program called GFI Prime, designed to reward customers that have continued to use GFI products over a year. With this program existing customers will gain access to a selection of GFI solutions, where they will be entitled to one product for free. Click here for more information.

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