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Drive Your Network Harder Today with PRTG & Soft Solutions
You expect consistent, high performance from your IT infrastructure. You need to be in control, hands on the wheel with full visibility of your network, systems and applications. There is no better brand for high performance IT infrastructure monitoring than, PRTG Network Monitor. PRTG is robust, scalable and reliable. Soft Solutions & Paessler invite you to an exclusive event for Soft Solution resellers and their clients. Join us to test drive PRTG in a series of networking events near you. All events start at 3pm which give you plenty of time for networking. For more information contact Paul, or click on the following dates & locations to register: Monday 13th July - Christchurch, Tuesday 14th July - Wellington, Wednesday 15th July - Hamilton, Thursday 16th July - Auckland.

MAX 2015 Conference in Melbourne
MAX 2015 is just around the corner and this year's event is shaping up to be great, especially for those looking to learn more about the MAXFocus products, or informative for those who are already using MAXFocus. MAX 2015 will run from 27th to 28th July 2015. You can register for the event here or for more information contact our MAXFocus team today.

Daily News
Read what our vendors have been pushing out to Twitter.

Service Disruption
Sorry for letting some of you down on Tuesday and Wednesday as we recovered from a hardware failure in our server. When you buy a server with multiple redundancy built in things are supposed to just keep running. But when three drives fail in a seven-drive RAID it just stops - as we found out at 5.30pm Monday. The server has a 24x7x365 service contract so the vendor had the components replaced by 3am and then the work to restore started.

Email Loss
We have to confess to losing some emails on Monday - sorry! - so if you emailed us between 10.20am and 5.30pm, and did not get a reply that day, please get in touch to make sure your order or query is being attended to. We use ManageProtect's MPMail filtering service which saved the emails received after 5.30, and also gave us a "business continuity" mode to work with new incoming mail until our Exchange server was back on-line.

Loving getting those compliments
"Thank you so much for your help to get this through. This is why I love dealing with Soft Sol you guys always go the extra mile when it counts :-)"

ShadowProtect to the Rescue
Thanks to ShadowProtect our accounting system and data volumes were protected up to 5.12pm. Pity we chose that day to play around with the Exchange backup - nothing existed after 10.20am. But the great news is just how much was protected and we could restore from our on-site image repository without having to resort to transferring files back from SOS in the cloud. We even had one of the servers running in the Virtual Boot environment for a while to keep our customer service on-line. Another little lesson though: even if the network cable has "Cat 6" printed on it, do look at the light on the switch to make sure you have a gigabit-speed connection. 100MB connections make restoring a lot slower than it can be.

Does Sofsol exist without Carrie?
Carrie is off on a well-deserved holiday in New York - including Yankee Stadium then Times Square on Independence Day - so we now get to see how we all cope without the core of our inside team. To make things easier we have Jono Grey back for a few weeks, before he takes off on a big OE.

Sell Trend Worry-Free Solutions & WIN a Car
Trend Micro's Switch & Win Program is now open. To qualify purchase any new Trend Micro Worry-Free solution including competitive cross-grades, upgrades and additional licenses from 16th March to 30th September. The individual with the most points at the end of the promotion will drive away with a new Nissan Micra. It only takes 3 easy steps - 1. Enter to receive your unique Switch & Win Code. 2. Sell any Trend Micro Worry-Free eligible product. 3. Add your Trend Micro Switch & Win code on all Trend Micro Worry-Free orders placed with your authorised Trend Micro distributor. Click here to see how you can earn points. If you forget to include your Switch & Win code on an order, you can always complete a Sales Claim to catch up on missed points.

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