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Read what our vendors have been pushing out to Twitter.

PRTG vs. WhatsUp Gold vs. SolarWinds
German IT magazine "Funkschau" published an extensive review comparing PRTG Network Monitor to WhatsUp Gold and SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor in which they concluded "PRTG Network Monitor is the best solution for small and mid-sized companies. It can be operated by IT all-rounders and doesn't require specialist knowledge (although even the most advanced techies often prefer a simple, uncomplicated solution)." Read the English version of the review here & have it at your fingertips for your customers.

Avoiding the Pitfalls with Backup
A recent survey found that fifty percent of the two thousand SMB respondents had no backup or disaster recovery in place. So if something went wrong, whether due to manmade or natural circumstances, their mission critical data and IT assets would end up being unrecoverable. It's simple by securing the right software it starts with understanding your backup requirements, as backup software can help increase security if you choose wisely. ShadowProtect offers built in encryption that allows you to protect your data using three different algorithms, and it takes a few easy steps to lock down backup copies on the servers or storage devices. For more information on ShadowProtect, contact our sales team today.

Simplifying Multi Mail Server Management & Security
For customers who need multiple mail servers on a single network to cope with their email traffic volume, anti-spam solutions need to be designed to cope. GFI MailEssentials 2015 adds multi-server support, and provides a number of operating and performance enhancements for mail servers. The new centralized management features are also supported by automatic patching capabilities that keep mail server installation up to date without tying you up, for more details on features click here. For more information on licensing and price, contact our sales team today.

A People Keeper App helps reduce stress?
A new app called pplkpr but pronounced 'people keeper' syncs with a heart rate monitor to track and log subtle changes in emotional state when you're around people. The app can track which people make the wearer happy, causes fear, stress or calms them down. This reveals which friends should be avoided during times of stress, but can also block or unfriend people who make the wearer anxious or bored. The app uses GPS, plus a heart rate wristband to keep track of your movements and the data is correlated of the people you interact with to determine who should be auto-scheduled into your life. For more on the pplkpr app, check out this video.

Drive a Toyota GT86 on Us
Would you like a Toyota GT86 to drive about in for two weeks? Resellers who buy selected VoIP products in the month of January are going in a draw. The small print: need to have bought at least $500 across multiple orders for VoIP products from Soft Solutions - that's 3CX, Grandstream, Yealink or other brands listed on our VoIP micro-site. You need to add the car to your insurance policy while you have it. You pay the tickets, :-) We want you to have fun, but you pay for us to make good any nicks, dents or scratches. What can you order to get in the draw? Click here to see the brands listed on the Soft Solutions VoIP micro-site.

Borrow a meeting room
Soft Solutions has a couple of meeting rooms that often sit empty, so if you are one of our customers and would find it convenient to have somewhere in Newmarket to work for an hour or two - or want a space to meet with a customer - feel free to give us a call. Free wired internet, Wi-Fi, tea and coffee. One room seats up to four and includes a whiteboard, the other up to 8, with a whiteboard and a 47" monitor. Please call ahead to get the inside sales team to book you into the calendar. No charge for up to two hours, for anything longer please call Chris to discuss.

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