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Read what our vendors have been pushing out to Twitter.

Game Changing Video Conferencing with Grandstream
Increasingly people want to get their meeting rooms onto video calls. But most existing systems are priced at 10 or 20 thousand dollars or more and webcams just don't deliver the right look. Grandstream have come to the rescue with a video conferencing system that gives the room a GOOD look and at half the price of competing solutions. Plus it can talk to most of the other solutions in the market, making calling to other organisations with other brands of equipment a reality. Grandstream's GVC3200 offers businesses of any size a revolutionary video conferencing system for their meeting rooms with unprecedented platform flexibility, features, performance and price. To read more about the GVC3200, visit our blog. The GVC3200 retails for $5,278 excluding GST. Please contact our VoIP team at Soft Solutions for further information on this.

Track user or device movements GPS-Free
BeaconFence is an indoor/outdoor beacon based user location & zone management solution available for developers with proximity components, to track plus report user or device locations. This solution was recently unveiled by Embarcadero, which allows developers to easily add interactive user and device proximity support to iOS, Android, Windows and OS X applications. It supports simple radial zones as well as polygonal zones of virtually any shape/layout. It's simple, just import a blueprint, drawing of the physical location layout or a bird's-eye view photo, then visually place beacons and draw zones. BeaconFence will then provide user/device location tracking including enter/exit events. In order to use BeaconFence, you will need to have a current RAD Studio XE8 license. Click here for more information or contact our sales team today.

Grandstream Reseller Kits
Available for a limited time, are some updated Reseller Kits from Grandstream. These kits are in a durable Grandstream-branded roller case, and include 1 x UCM6102 IP-PBX, 1 x GXP3240 Multimedia IP Phone, 1 x GXV3611IR_HD IP Camera, 1 x GXP1625 IP Phone, 1 x 4-port POE Switch and 4 x Ethernet Cables. The PoE switch is intended to power all demo units, including the PBX. These kits are great value at only $874.00 ex GST. We are taking orders for these until Friday 7th of August, for delivery to you by the end of August. If you are interested in purchasing one, please get your orders into our sales team by 7th August 2015.

Deep Freeze Cloud Connector Improves Manageability for School
In educational environments, often there are students and teachers that are not that tech savvy. In Gilchrist County School, keeping the computer labs up-to-date and manageable for 3000 Windows workstations was a tall task. Their existing antivirus was taking up a lot of resources too, plus slowing down their workstations. With further issues arising, the antivirus had to be switched off, leaving them open to security threats and aggravated. While evaluating the Deep Freeze Cloud connector, they found this as a solution to many of their problems, with ease of management, status monitoring, plus the ability to check conditions across their deployment. They had dramatic improvements in their system uptime and manageability. The Faronics Anti-virus was a light, effective way of providing security, by not eating up their resources or time. Click here to learn more about the challenges faced by the school & how they improved it with Deep Freeze.

Just Add Salt & Water to Light Up
You may have heard of kerosene and battery-operated lamps, but a lamp that uses salt and water? SALt (Sustainable Alternative Lighting) has developed a lamp that can illuminate rooms with the most easily accessible ingredients available. SALt drew inspiration from the Philippines that have over 7,000 islands, with little access to electricity and accomplished its goal by creating a lamp that can be powered by sea water or a homemade mix of salt and water. The design uses Galvanic cells similar to batteries, but relies on a non-toxic saline solution instead of potentially harmful electrolytes and can be used for up to eight hours a day, with a lifespan of six months. SALt is aiming for a mass production around late 2015 or early 2016. Click here, for more information on the SALt lamps.

ShadowProtect Promotion - 30% off everything VIRTUAL
StorageCraft has announced that the pricing on all virtual server licenses and suites are reduced by 30% for the months of July and August only. This covers ShadowProtect 5 Virtual Server and Virtual Server Suite, plus StorageCraft ShadowProtect SPX Virtual Server and Virtual Server Suite for Linux and Windows. This promotion applies to new licenses only, not renewals, for commercial, government, academic and not-for-profit customers. This pricing is valid until 31st August 2015. Click here to download a full pricelist that reflects the promo discount.

3 Years for the Price of 2
For a limited time only, if you're looking to purchase any new GFI software licenses (excluding FaxMaker Online), you have the opportunity to purchase 3 years maintenance for the price of 2 years. So you can ensure that you have access to new features, updates and enhancements for a longer period of time at a cheaper price. This offer is only valid until 31st August 2015. So get in quick and contact our sales team today for more information or pricing.

Sell Trend Worry-Free Solutions & WIN a Car
Trend Micro's Switch & Win Program is now open. To qualify purchase any new Trend Micro Worry-Free solution including competitive cross-grades, upgrades and additional licenses from 16th March to 30th September. The individual with the most points at the end of the promotion will drive away with a new Nissan Micra. It only takes 3 easy steps - 1. Enter to receive your unique Switch & Win Code. 2. Sell any Trend Micro Worry-Free eligible product. 3. Add your Trend Micro Switch & Win code on all Trend Micro Worry-Free orders placed with your authorised Trend Micro distributor. Click here to see how you can earn points. If you forget to include your Switch & Win code on an order, you can always complete a Sales Claim to catch up on missed points.

Upgrade at Renewal Price Today
Waive any late fees & say goodbye to upgrade costs for a limited time only, as GFI customers who currently have an expired maintenance agreement for any GFI license (excluding FaxMaker Online), are eligible for a version upgrade at the renewal price. This offer is valid until 30th September 2015 & version upgrades of the maintenance agreement will start from the purchase date. All existing GFI customers with an expired license on or after 1st January 2012 to 30th April 2015 will be eligible for this offer. To qualify, a proof of expired license must be supplied when placing an order. For more information or pricing, contact our sales team today. To better understand the importance of having a current GFI maintenance agreement, click here.

Switch to Trend Micro for Competitive Buy-Back Offer
If you have an existing competitive anti-virus solution and have 0 to 3 months remaining before renewal, Trend Micro will provide a 3 month free extension if you purchase the Trend Micro Worry-Free Standard, Advanced or Pro competitive upgrade licenses. If you have over 3 months remaining on your existing solution, then Trend Micro will provide a 6 month extension with your Worry-Free purchase. License extensions will only be done in full months & verification/proof of competitive license, plus the expiry date must be submitted together with the order to be eligible. This offer is valid from 20th July 2015 to 23rd December 2015. For more information, contact our Trend Micro team today.

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