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Upcoming MAX Webinars - Register Today
Before May ends, make the most of these upcoming Webinars. This is your chance to become a wiz & make the most of the MAX products. On Thursday 26th May at 4pm - Discover the competitive advantages of MAX Service Desk; And on Tuesday 31st May at 4pm - Regain control of a noisy old MAX Remote Management dashboard.

Power PDF 2.0 Launch Webinar
With the upcoming release of Nuance Power PDF 2, a webinar will be held to outline the capabilities of the new version. The webinar is open to resellers only and will be held on 31st May 2016 at 5 to 6pm. Click here to register today.

What's the point of a conference phone?
Virtually every desk phone has speakerphone capability - even the cordless ones - so why should a customer buy a conference phone, especially if the meeting room is quite small? Because when a bunch of people are sitting around a table, only the conference phone is listening in 360-degree mode so everything everybody says gets clearly to the other people in the call. The next time you are quoting an IP telephony solution, please consider adding the Grandstream GAC2500 to your quote - at an RRP of just $663 plus GST, it's one of the cheapest IP conference phones available. Not a whole lot of extra spend but they do get a whole lot of extra benefit. Click here to read more.

Cloud App Security - NFR Available
Trend Micro Resellers can now request a Not for Resale copy of Cloud App Security by e-mailing our team at Trend Micro Cloud App Security protects incoming and internal Office 365 email from advanced malware and other threats, and enforces compliance on other cloud file-sharing services, including Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, SharePoint Online, and OneDrive for Business. Until June 28th 2016, Soft Solutions is offering a $100 Prezzy card for the first ten resellers who purchase Cloud App Security for their customers. Read more about Cloud App Security.

Be More Productive & Automate Software Deployment
Are you using a software distribution tool that involves complex steps for creating scripts or manual package creation processes that involve more time and effort? Why not go a step ahead and allow administrators to create deployment packages from in-built templates all through a single click by using Desktop Central. When you create a package from templates, Desktop Central automatically downloads the software binaries from the vendor's website and adds a package with all the required silent installation and uninstallation switches. All you have to do is, select the target computers and deploy, it's that easy. For more details on Software Deployment using Desktop Central, contact our ManageEngine team today.

GFI Retires the Sangoma Connector
GFI Software announced, from June 1st 2016, the Sangoma Connector for GFI FaxMaker will be discontinued. The Sangoma Connector will still receive support until 30th November 2016. But for an alternative, GFI Software recommends that customer's use GFI FaxMaker with hybrid faxing. Click here for more details on hybrid faxing.

Exclaimer Wins Queen's Award
Exclaimer is a global leader in email signature management (on-premise & cloud based) solutions and was named the winner of the Queen's Award for Enterprise: International Trade 2016. Exclaimer was recognised for its substantial growth globally, with over 50 million users worldwide. Exclaimer is expanding with the recent new release of Exclaimer Cloud Email Signatures for Office 365. This lets you design email signatures that are automatically added to all Office 365 emails controlled in the cloud & centrally managed. But if an on-premise solution is preferred, than the Exclaimer Signature Manager Office 365 edition is also available. The on-premise product starts at an RRP of $213.23 plus GST for a 10 user license with additional required maintenance at an RRP of $57.35 plus GST. For more information, contact our sales team today.

Bionic Eye Restores Sight to Legally Blind Man
A patient in the US suffered through a fungal infection causing his vision to blur and after laser surgery to reverse his vision, he damaged his eye even more, leaving him legally blind. After 40 years of limited vision, he can see again, thanks to a miniature Galilean telescope containing wide-angle micro-optical lenses. It is implanted into the eyeball, replacing the lens and works with the cornea. The telescope can enlarge images to approximately 2.2 to 2.7 times their average size. The magnification allows images to project onto the healthy parts of the retina, bypassing the damaged blind spot, restoring the patient's vision and improving eyesight. This implant is designed to help those suffering from age related macular degeneration, which is a common eye disease globally.

ShadowProtect IT Edition Promo
StorageCraft have announced a significant discount on pricing for the IT edition that applies from now through the end of June, for new or renewal orders. Normal dealer buy is $1320 plus GST, for this promo you can get it for just $764.50 plus GST. So what is the IT Edition? It's "ShadowProtect on a stick" so you can back up and recover systems and data without installing software. There's also a Pro edition that includes Granular Recovery for Exchange. The Pro edition is normally $2200 plus GST, but under this promo is just $1,094.50 plus GST. Promotion period is 11th May through to 29th June 2016. If you have an IT edition that expires after the end of June you can still order within the promo period to extend your subscription at this discounted pricing. Email us to get your IT edition sorted.

Trend Micro - License Extension & 3 for 2
There are two Trend Micro promos running this quarter. If you are cross-grading someone to Trend Micro Worry-Free Standard, Advanced or Pro then to help you get the deal over the line, the new license period can be extended by up to six months without charge to match an unexpired portion of the existing license. The second promo is new or cross-grade Worry-Free Business Security Service solutions (Standard, Advanced or Pro) for 3 years at the price of 2 years. Conditions apply, get in touch with Shiu for the details.

Renew & Get 25% off One New Business
Any customer renewing a GFI license before the end of June 2016 can also get 25% off one New GFI Business product purchase. GFI are also offering three years' maintenance for the price of two this quarter on any new license purchases. Contact our sales team today for a quote.

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