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LOGICnow City Scramble - Wellington
LOGICnow & Soft Solutions invite you to join us for a fun competition, where your intelligence, stamina and cunning will be put to the test. Teams will compete with one another in a series of interesting challenges across the city, taking them to historic locations and testing their ability to co-operate as a group and work together to win. After the day's activities everyone will gather for some nibbles and drinks and to announce the winners. SolarWinds MSP Regional Sales Manager, Kris Hansen, will also be in attendance to discuss the LOGICnow family and answer any questions you might have. To reserve your seat, simply contact Soft Solutions to start a free trial of one key product from LOGICnow, including MAX Remote Management, MAX Backup, MAX Mail or MAX ServiceDesk. This will be held on Tuesday 20th September 2016 from 12:30pm to 6:00pm starting at Kelburn Park Wellington. You will be put into a team of five on the day. Click here to register today.

Pinnacle Studio Enhances Pro Video Editing
If you are looking for professional quality results with precision editing on unlimited tracks in 4K, HD and 3D, this ultimate video editing software gets the job done. With the new release you have the ability to edit 360-degree videos and covert them to standard movies. Motion tracking with Mosaic blur lets you track moving objects on screen and connect them to elements like text or graphics. The Mosaic blur can be added to obscure a face, logo or anything else. Stop Motion Animation camera support is also available with the ability to create big screen type animations and full HD stop motion videos on popular Canon or Nikon DSLR cameras. Click here for a full list of features for the Pinnacle Studio family of products. For more information or pricing, contact our sales team today.

MindManager 2017 Release in September
MindManager is known for its flexible mind maps and diagrams. MindManager 2017 will become more versatile, open, flexible, efficient and easy to share. You will have the ability to export maps to HTML5 which makes it easier to share interactive maps and diagrams with anyone who has a web browser. Or export it to over 700 cloud apps like OneNote, GoogleDocs and Gmail. MindManager 2017 will have more of a unified look making it simpler and faster to work with or share maps. Click here for all the preview details for MindManager 2017. MindManager license is available for an RRP of $375.26 plus GST. Maintenance for 1 year is available at an RRP of $74.19 plus GST. If you purchase the license with maintenance, you will be eligible for a free upgrade to the 2017 version when it is released in September.

Bluebeam Recent Releases
The new Revu 2016.5 now offers compatibility with Revit 2017 and Navisworks 2017, which streamlines architectural workflows. With added Revit Properties to the Tags export functionality, saving hours of work with simple automated sheet-tagging for Sets. Revu Mac 1.5 includes automated headers and footers, leveraging document metadata to automatically insert key information across multiple pages in a single document. Capture also adds the ability to embed images/videos into a mark-up & lets you click through them in a pop up viewer. Studio Prime is the subscription option in the Bluebeam Studio platform that allows additional administrative functionality and the Studio API. The latest enhancement includes watched folders for automating source file to PDF conversion and document manipulation for a large volume of users. Click here for a full list of features. For more information, contact our sales team today.

Grow Produce without a garden
Replantable will be a new way to have home grown produce even if you don't have space for a garden. The Nanofarm is a glass box that lets you grow food without any pesticides, soil or too much effort. First you have to decide what you are going to grow, then order the right plant pad from the Replantable website. Plant pads are made of multiple layers of paper and fabric which contains seeds and customised nutrients for your plant of choice. With no soil needed, the pads provide a safe haven from insects or bacteria. It will basically become a part of your other appliances, letting you grow produce more efficiently. Click here for more details.

Customer Webinars with Rewards
Now you can book a Webinar that will be conducted by a Nuance specialised PDF staff member for you and your client - it's a short 15-minute introduction to Power PDF ending with a quick Q&A and providing trial download information. BUT it gets better - for all potential deals of 26+ seats where a webinar is conducted before 30th September 2016, Nuance will send you a pre-loaded $200 Prezzy Card. The more webinars you conduct, the more Prezzy Cards you'll earn - it's that simple. This allows you the opportunity to introduce your customers to the functionality of Nuance's Power PDF Advanced, create happy customers and reward yourself as well.

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