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Upcoming MAX Webinars - Register Today
October is going to be filled with Webinars. This is your chance to become an expert on the MAX products. On Tuesday 25th October at 3:30pm - MAX Remote Management: Changes and Improvements to Patch Management and on Thursday 27th October from 3:30pm - Become a MAX Backup certified specialist.

Webinar - Self-service Analytics for Enterprise IT & Beyond
If you are looking for ways to make informed decisions about your business and ICT, please join us on Thursday, November 3rd at 4pm for a free 45-minute webinar on, "Self-service analytics for enterprise IT and beyond." With effective analytics, you can help your business cope with high volumes of ICT data, and also give meaning to unstructured data. You can draw insights and develop an action plan that can increase your ROI by at least 15 percent. Click here to register to register today.

3CX Training Events - Auckland in November
We are pleased to announce that we will be conducting training on 3CX version 15 in November. This training is open to all new or active 3CX Partners and is aimed at pre-sales and support technical personnel tasked with the responsibility of promoting, installing, configuring, maintaining and supporting 3CX client installations. The training will also allow you to complete the 3CX Training certification. To register for these events and to view the agenda for each day, please visit the following links: November 7th - 3CX Basic Training - Auckland and November 8th - 3CX Advanced Training - Auckland. There is no cost in attending these 3CX Training Days, but it is required that you are an active 3CX partner in order to attend. If you have any queries around your current 3CX partner status, please contact our 3CX team at to verify.

Daily News
Click here to see what some key vendors have been pushing out to Twitter.

Malwarebytes appoints Soft Solutions as NZ distributor
We are excited to announce that Soft Solutions have been appointed as the New Zealand distributor for Malwarebytes - the multi-award winning computer security and anti-malware product that has over 300 million users worldwide. Malwarebytes protects consumers and businesses against dangerous threats such as malware, ransomware, and exploits that escape detection by traditional antivirus solutions. If you missed our announcement, click here to read more on our blog.

Dragon Pro Individual Box Products Available for Download
For fast and accurate dictation or transcription, you can't wrong with the Dragon products. Nuance have opened up the opportunity for customers to purchase the Dragon Professional Individual for PC or Mac boxed products with the option of a download for customers without DVD drives. Customers can go to this link to download their software: Please note not all license keys for the product will permit downloads from this site. License keys will need to be set up to enable this functionality. This is not available for all other Dragon products yet, but Nuance are working on it and we will keep you posted when any new updates come through. Dragon Professional Individual 15 is available at an RRP of $460.87 plus GST and Dragon Professional Individual for Mac 6 is available at an RRP of $460.87 plus GST. For more information, contact our sales team today.

Desktop Central update and MacOS Sierra support
With the release of the most recent update ManageEngine's Desktop Central has been updated to provide support for Apple's latest MacOS version, Sierra. System administrators can rest easy knowing that the iMac's and MacBook's they look after are covered when end users inevitably upgrade to the latest version. Another important feature of the update was the ability to setup a failover server to perform the tasks of the primary instance during downtimes. For further information, contact the ManageEngine team today.

Changes to Camtasia with New Version 9 Release
Camtasia is known to be a software that can let you capture action or sounds from any part of the desktop and turn them into videos that can help train, teach, sell and more. Camtasia Studio (for Windows) and Camtasia Mac are no longer available under these names and have been combined into one Camtasia Version 9 product. This will be a dual platform and 64-bit license. For existing Camtasia Studio and Camtasia Mac customers with current maintenance, they can upgrade to Camtasia version 9 for free. For more information, contact our sales team today.

Pocket Sized Security System
For anyone who uses a laptop in a crowded coffee shop, airport or other public place, sometimes keeping an eye on possessions can be stressful or necessary if you step away briefly. The Stilla Motion is a tiny motion detector that provides reassurance that your laptop or what you leave behind is safe. It's small and quite sleek that you can attach the Stilla on any object. When the device detects that the object is moving, it will send a notification to your phone and you can set the Stilla to sound an alarm to draw attention. The creators have claimed that the device is smart enough to avoid sending false signals, especially when you are riding in a car. If you lose track of the object, you can activate the Stilla's alarm remotely. It's not available yet, click here to view a quick video on Stilla.

StorageCraft Backup & Recovery Academic Bundle
Data protection can be a challenge for academic institutions of all sizes, with a constant change of IT environments and a mix of virtual or physical machines running on a network. StorageCraft have announced a new StorageCraft bundle to help secure their systems. The bundle will include a license for 100 virtual machines and a license for 10 physical servers including a year of maintenance which includes software updates and technical support. The pricing of the bundle is valid from the 6th of September to 31st December 2016. For more information and pricing, contact our sales team today.

Bluebeam Revu eXtreme 2016 Upgrade Promotion
There has never been a better time for Bluebeam Revu customers to upgrade to the latest 2016 version. From now until 28th November 2016, Bluebeam are offering customers with any existing version or edition of Revu the opportunity to upgrade their current licenses to Revu eXtreme 2016 at the pricing of a Standard edition upgrade. In some cases, this is a saving of 37%. Revu eXtreme 2016 is the most feature rich of Bluebeam's Revu family. With functionality such as OCR+ to transform scanned PDFs; even those with skewed or vertical text, into text-searchable and selectable files, PDF form creation, being able to Redact (remove) content permanently from a PDF, Batch process hyperlinks for large document sets and more. Contact us today with details of your customers existing Bluebeam licenses and we'll provide a quote at this special pricing. Optional Maintenance & Support is also available at time of purchase.

StorageCraft Amnesty Program
If you currently have expired maintenance, this could be your lucky day. For a limited time StorageCraft is offering a new program for customers that have lapsed maintenance to bring them back on board without back dating. The amnesty applies to all customer's whose maintenance lapsed/expired from January 2015 to the current date. The Amnesty program will run from 1st September to 31st December 2016 and excludes the ShadowProtect IT and ShadowProtect 4 version upgrade only editions. For more information, contact our sales team today.

3 for 2 Promo, No Late Renewal Fees & GFI Prime
Software maintenance can be essential, especially if you want to keep software up to date, provide complete support protection and have access to new features, updates or fixes. For a limited time only, customers who renew their maintenance expiring until March 31, 2017 for another 2 years, will get the third year for free. And once maintenance is renewed for 2 years, you may be eligible to benefit from the GFI Prime loyalty program. With this program existing customers will gain access to a selection of GFI solutions, where they will be entitled to one product for free. Click here for more information. The 3 for 2 promo is valid until 30th October 2016. GFI is also waiving late renewal fees for all customers with maintenance expiring from January 1st to August 31st 2016. This promotion doesn't apply to GFI FaxMaker Online. The renewal waiver is valid until 31st December 2016. For further questions, contact our sales team.

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