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Soft Solutions VoIP Updates around New Zealand
We are continuing our roadshows around New Zealand introducing 3CX and Grandstream to our regional partners. Our next stops will be in Napier on Wednesday May 6th & Palmerston North on Thursday May 7th 2015, with further events in Hamilton & Tauranga scheduled for later in May. We'll be covering an update on 3CX, with a deep dive into 3CX's administrative interface and a demonstration on the new WebRTC functionality it includes. We will also cover off an update on Grandstream and their current offerings around IP Phones and related accessories. We also have the pleasure in introducing Ufone to our events, as they are a telecommunications company based out of Auckland, and have been recently announced as a full interop partner with 3CX. David Hadfield will present on the services that Ufone can deliver to you - as well as how to compare bills between different providers. Please click on the following links to register: Napier - Wednesday 6th May - 3:00pm to 5:20pm and Palmerston North - Thursday 7th May 2015 - 3:00pm to 5:20pm

3CX Training Events - Register Now
The team from 3CX are conducting partner technical training days in Auckland on the 2nd & 3rd of June 2015. The events are being held at the Holiday Inn Auckland Airport. The training days will allow 3CX Partners to become proficient in 3CX version 12.5 and offers you to become Basic and/or Advanced certified with 3CX. These free workshops are aimed at technical support and pre-sales personnel with the responsibilities of promotion, installation, configuration, maintenance and support of 3CX client installations. Note that you must be a signed up partner with 3CX to attend the training. Please click on the following links to register for the events & view the agenda for each day: Day 1: Tuesday 2 June 2015: 3CX Product Training - Day 2: Wednesday 3 June 2015: 3CX Advanced Product Training

Daily News
Read what our vendors have been pushing out to Twitter.

GFI Price Changes will arrive May 1st
GFI Software will be changing their pricing model to better reflect the prices that the rest of the greater Australia - New Zealand region currently buys at. Up to this point GFI and Soft Solutions have had a pricing agreement in place that reflected the AUD - NZD exchange rate from many years ago. GFI is now in a position where the pricing is inconsistent with what the rest of the region pays and this price change reflects the need to maintain brand reputation and avoid pricing conflicts. From May 1st the pricing on our system will change to reflect the new pricing. If you have further questions or require more information, please let us know today.

Swapping from Exchange to Kerio Connect
Feedback from a reseller's real-world experience: I have to say that, all in all, the whole installation was really quite straightforward. Yes, there were a few "gotchas" along the way (mainly to do with Active Directory integration) but no show-stoppers. Besides, there are plenty of articles on their website to get you out of trouble. Importing the email from Exchange to Kerio wasn't as easy as they would have us believe & we ended up exporting to PSTs and re-importing. On the PCs, the Kerio Connect client installed without any problems on even the oldest machines (some of which barely ran Outlook) and the web client is superb - a far cry from Outlook Web Access. Smartphone setup was a complete breeze & works well. The logging facilities within the management console are brilliant & the whole thing does exactly what it says "on the box". There aren't too many products that can say that. So now we have a server which has plenty of resources to run my client's line of business application database, rather than just email. My client is totally happy, because from their perspective, it's business as usual but it only cost a quarter of the price of Exchange 2013. (RRP starts from $626 plus GST for five users) Click here for more information or contact our sales team for a quote.

Hyena New Version Coming Soon
System Tools Software have scheduled Hyena v11.5 to be released on May 1st. Hyena helps your administrators simplify the management tasks and reports for Windows on a daily basis, by using an Explorer-style interface for all operations. The new version will expand on new Active Directory management functions with new advanced features, including support for importing & updating Distinguished Name (DN) fields without the need to specify the full DN value. Click here to see the full list of changes on the new version. If you would like to get maintenance renewed before the release, please contact our sales team for a quote today.

Self-Powered Camera
Scientists in New York are working on a camera that can generate power by converting the light falling onto its sensor into electricity, which is then used to take a picture. This idea came about when it was realised that the solar panels & digital cameras use almost the same component known as a photodiode, which handles light. Working with engineers, a photodiode was created that combined the light sensing abilities of a camera with the power converting properties of the solar panels. They are currently refining the device as the prototype only takes grainy black & white images. The next step in development is to make self-powered solid state image sensors, with many more pixels that could then be used to produce a standalone camera that could be used anywhere.

Sell VoIP products, enjoy our Toyota GT86
The team at OneSource in Dunedin have been enjoying their time driving our Toyota GT86 for a few weeks, and soon it's on to Phone VoIP in Christchurch. Because the car's visiting the South Island the next draw will just be for companies down there and will cover all purchases of VoIP products since September (at least $500 purchased and multiple orders) through to the end of April. So keep converting your customers and keep getting entries in the draw. Reminder that we need you to arrange your own insurance cover for the loan period - which seems to have been easy to do with business policies for the past winners in this promotion.

Sell Trend Worry-Free Solutions & WIN a Car
Trend Micro's Switch & Win Program is now open. To qualify purchase any new Trend Micro Worry-Free solution including competitive cross-grades, upgrades and additional licenses from 16th March to 30th September. The individual with the most points at the end of the promotion will drive away with a new Nissan Micra. It only takes 3 easy steps: 1. Enter to receive your unique Switch & Win Code. 2. Sell any Trend Micro Worry-Free eligible product. 3. Add your Trend Micro Switch & Win code on all Trend Micro Worry-Free orders placed with your authorised Trend Micro distributor. Click here to see how you can earn points. If you forget to include your Switch & Win code on an order, you can always complete a Sales Claim to catch up on missed points.

3 for 2 Offer - Get Cloud-Based Protection
Safeguard your devices and protect against viruses, dangerous websites plus other threats. All through a cloud-based hosted service that doesn't require a server and no maintenance, plus it's a snap to install and easy to manage. For a limited time Trend Micro are offering any Worry-Free Business Security Service solutions (Standard, Advanced or Pro) for 3 years at the price of 2 years. This offer only applies to new, additional and competitive upgrades of qualified products. This offer is valid until 26th June 2015. For more information contact our Trend Micro team today.

Move to Worry-Free Services & Receive a Further Discount
Trend Micro are offering a 20% discount for existing customers of Worry-Free on premise products, who are looking to move to the Worry-Free Services range. This discount applies off the RRP price for Worry-Free Business Security Services Standard, Advanced and the Professional editions. Switch today as the offer is only valid until 25th June 2015. For more information contact our Trend Micro team today.

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