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Webinar - The Successor to Ethernet
Soft Solutions is in the process of signing up to represent a new breed of network infrastructure technology that will revolutionise how data is carried around a building or a campus. It's called Passive Optical LAN (POL) or Passive Optical Network (PON) but in layman's terms, it's using fibre instead of Cat 6 Ethernet and the benefit is faster speeds, a huge power saving, and a lot fewer cabling panels and the like dotted around a building. As a starting point to introduce this technology we would like to invite you to attend a webinar at 4:30pm on 8th December where you will get an expert introduction to the business case for passive optical LAN from the vendor, Alcatel-Lucent. Click Here to Register Now. To read more, check out our blog.

Soft Solutions Christmas Closure
The Soft Solutions elves will be on Christmas holiday, our workshop is closed on Thursday 24th December and will reopen for business on Tuesday 5th January. Santa will be keeping an eye on things during the holiday break, but we apologise in advance if suppliers being off-line, delays your orders getting processed. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone, from the Soft Solutions team.

Active Discovery - A new Remote Management feature for MSP's
Active Discovery, a new feature of MAX RemoteManagement by LogicNow, gives you as broad as possible a view of whom and what is connected to any network for which you are responsible. As an MSP you will have done an inventory of what your clients have on their networks. However, over time, new devices will be added to these networks, some of which the clients may not even be aware of. Active Discovery ensures that any new device on a network can be found, and can be properly managed before it becomes an issue. Active Discovery lets you bill for every new device you manage, by doing this it is not only designed to help you do your job better but also to help grow your business. For more information or to start a 30 day trial of MAX RemoteManagement, please contact the MAXfocus team today.

Let ME help with Password Management
Do you or your clients need help enforcing internal password policies to maintain a secure environment? Too often weak passwords are used as they are easier to recall. The same passwords are used across multiple devices/accounts to make accessing them simpler, and policies around changing passwords regularly are ignored as it requires too many man hours to enforce. Password Manager Pro helps alleviate these issues by allowing system admins to automate the process. Once a password policy is defined in Password Manager Pro the system will automatically deploy strong, unique passwords to resources and require and assist in updating these regularly, helping keep your systems secure and reducing the time administrators spend on maintaining current passwords. If you have any questions, contact the ManageEngine Team today.

What's New in SketchUp Pro 2016?
If you're worried about your next design project, SketchUp 2016 helps from the earliest stages of design until the project ends. The new version lets you intuitively design, communicate and document your ideas in 3D, ranging from programming to design development. Get more connected than ever to the information, projects and people you work with. Trimble Connect is now directly integrated into SketchUp 2016, which will make storing, syncing, referencing, sharing and collaborating on design/build projects easier. LayOut projects lets you reference and update files that are stored and synced with Cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox and Trimble Connect Sync. SketchUp Pro 2016 starts at an RRP of $1,115 plus GST per user. For more details, contact our sales team today.

Ever wondered how many letters you get in a year?
There are always new ways to implement PRTG, but Andreas Ginther takes it to a whole new level with the set-up of a letter count sensor for a smart post box using his own mailbox. The sensor tells him not only when he receives a letter, but also when the mailbox is empty. With the installation of two special light sensors that recognise when letters come through and if the mailbox is emptied a notification email is sent out to Andreas to keep him informed. A PRTG Custom Sensor starts a script that receives the details about the amount of letters that were posted, Andreas learnt in 10 months he had received 275 letters with the slowest month being July. In a project like this, the components were not free, but PRTG's free 100 sensor license was sufficient enough for his solution to work completely.

Ransomware Taking Hold of Pacemakers?
For the past few decades hackers have been using ransomware to steal or delete the contents of user's computers if they don't pay a ransom. But now it seems like the same tactic is being used on insulin pump and pacemakers. According to a recent report ransomware in medical devices is the single biggest cyber security threat for 2016. It is estimated that the security for medical devices is still about a decade behind the overall standard, the FDA in the US recently warned hospitals that a pump commonly used to ration out dosage of medicine in IVs could be vulnerable to attack. With cases like these still new, systems are still open to vulnerability, especially when malware was discovered in a MetroHealth system, which compromised nearly up to 1,000 patient records and health information. For more information on Ransomware, click here.

Nanoparticles Used to Clean Oil Spills?
After a few tests a University has found an energy-efficient and practical way forward on clearing out bacteria, fungi and other organisms from water. It will be based on photo catalysis, which is a chemical reaction with titanium dioxide molecules being activated by UV light to produce free radicals capable of destroying bacteria. A sample of oil sand wastewater was used in this process and it was found that the toxic compounds were broken down completely clearing out the water of toxins. This process is powered completely by sunlight and the nanoparticles can be retrieved for reuse. This will be a cheap and practical way to treat polluted waste water and getting it clean enough for drinking.

ShadowProtect Linux Promotion
Did you know that ShadowProtect now does Linux? StorageCraft have announced a promo through the end of 2015, of a massive 35 percent discount off regular pricing for all new license sales, including government, academic and not-for-profit licenses. ShadowProtect SPX for Linux supports both virtual and physical servers and a StorageCraft-built snapshot driver ensures you swiftly get a solid backup every time. Click here to read more or contact our sales team today.

Get in Quick & Upgrade CorelDRAW Today
If you are an existing user of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X3 or earlier, you may qualify for an exceptional upgrade to the latest version of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X7. There's never been a better time to upgrade, with the new version's intuitive user interface and stunning new toolbox features. To be eligible for the upgrade, you must provide an existing serial number and you must own a previous version of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X3, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7 or earlier. Upgrade eligibility excludes trial, academic, OEM, special edition OEM and NFR versions. This offer is valid until 30th November 2015. A full replacement product will cost you $694.78 plus GST, but the upgrade will only cost you an RRP of $338.26 plus GST, which is a big saving. For more details contact our sales team today.

Easily Archive & Manage Email
Are you looking for a product that can easily archive, manage your email, calendar, file history and important files all from one place? GFI Archiver provides easy access to all this data all in one place and can keep readily available versions of user's email conversations. From 1st October to 23rd December 2015, new customers will get 25% off GFI Archiver. This offer excludes version upgrades, 3rd party products, additional licenses and renewals. For more information contact our sales team today.

Switch to Trend Micro for Competitive Buy-Back Offer
If you have an existing competitive anti-virus solution and have 0 to 3 months remaining before renewal, Trend Micro will provide a 3 month free extension if you purchase the Trend Micro Worry-Free Standard, Advanced or Pro competitive upgrade licenses. If you have over 3 months remaining on your existing solution, then Trend Micro will provide a 6 month extension with your Worry-Free purchase. License extensions will only be done in full months & verification/proof of competitive license, plus the expiry date must be submitted together with the order to be eligible. This offer is valid from 20th July 2015 to 23rd December 2015. For more information, contact our Trend Micro team today.

MindManager Enterprise Site Promotion
Mindjet are offering a special end of year special price for a MindManager Enterprise site license. Academic and non-profit customers can take advantage of creating maps and diagrams like virtual whiteboards to capture and communicate their thinking. Plus take advantage of extensive project and business planning tools for budgeting or forecasting. MindManager Enterprise is an integrated solution that pairs MindManager for Windows with Microsoft SharePoint to create a platform for communication and project coordination. This special price offer is valid until 23rd December 2015. For more information and pricing, contact our sales team today.

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